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Visit us at 8181 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45255

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Starting in 1988 my husband and I both decided it was time for career changes. He quit a job as a corporate pilot and started a commercial cleaning business. One year later I followed him by quitting a 13 year old career at UPS and started my own seasonal garden center, which also allowed my involvement in the office end of the cleaning business as needed. At the time we had three daughters under the age of seven. It seems a little gutsy or maybe even foolish thinking back on it, but here 25 years later we are both still in business for ourselves and happy we made the changes.

My parents and grandparents had for 35 years run a family owned produce business on Beechmont Avenue. I put up a greenhouse in the back of that location and for 13 years sold plants out of a very confined 2,500 sq. ft. graveled area each spring. By April 1st, 2000 we had bought a full service garden center that went out of business and moved my store to that location. Only because I had established contacts in the business was I able to hire employees and find product for a 3 acre garden center in less than two months. It was definitely a busy time but very exciting and fulfilling.

We strive each and every day to do our very best at having the freshest, best cared for products available. All our staff are lovers of the garden, many being Master Gardeners. We attend industry shows every year as one of the ways we stay informed in an ever changing industry. Come see us! We promise you won't be disappointed. We're easy to find and worth the trip. Just look for the bright pink roof!

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